Berlin Blockchain Week - Recap

Berlin Blockchain Week was a great success! Developers, entrepreneurs, investors, newcomers, and more had the opportunity to learn more about the current state of Web3. The Lisk Team was fortunate to host several of these events throughout the week.

By Lisk

21 Sep 2022


First, there was the blockchain Day 2 event, held at the Lisk Center Berlin, which included a panel discussion that focused on blockchain interoperability. Next was the Supporting Builders from A to Z event, which focused on different perspectives concerning funding for blockchain projects.

Lisk’s Head of Research Alessadro Ricottone hosted the Interoperability track at the Blockchain in Use event, whose goal was to provide insight on the application of blockchain technology. Finally, the CV Summit, which took place in Zug, saw multiple Lisk team members present on topics such as DeFi, blockchain development, and the blockchain trilemma.

Blockchain Day 2

The Lisk Center Berlin was the host of Blockchain Day 2, which took place on the 3rd day of Berlin Blockchain Week. The event started with a panel discussion on the landscape of different interoperability solutions from the blockchain industry. The panel was hosted by Lisk’s Senior Marketing Manager, Arin Soleymani, with participants from Sifchain, RBF & Web3 Foundation.

The debate during the panel discussion concerned the current state of available interoperability solutions, cross-chain attestation, bridges, and atomic swaps. These were followed by thoughts on the decentralization and security of the current bridges. There was also discussion regarding bridge monetization, token fungibility, and how future innovations are expected for interoperability.

The panel was followed by a presentation from Lisk’s Chief Research Officer, Jan Hackfeld, who gave the audience insights into Lisk’s Interoperability Solution.

Supporting Builders from A to Z

The second event hosted by Lisk during the Berlin Blockchain Week was the Supporting Builders from A-Z event, which was organized by CV Labs. The event was sponsored by ConsenSyS and RedAlpine, who gave presentations on their perspectives of blockchain funding.

The evening started with some networking, followed by an overview on the Lisk Grant Program and applications within the Lisk Ecosystem by Lisk’s Senior Marketing Manager, Arin Soleymani. The presentation demonstrated what the application process looks like for the initiative, how the different milestones are reached, and how different applications funded by the Lisk Grant Program have been built with the Lisk SDK.

CV Labs then dove into their incubation program, which has helped multiple organizations expand the global market. An overview of what the 3 month hybrid incubator program looks like from bootcamp to graduation week was also presented.

Blockchain in Use


Another event Lisk took part in during the week was the Blockchain in Use conference by Berchain. This conference was aimed at providing an overview of how blockchain technology can be applied to specific industries.

The focus of the event was on potential use cases for blockchain. These included ones for finance, creative industries, and interoperability. Representatives from Lisk,, Unstoppable Finance, Pekuna, Yoonaverse, Another World, and many others were present for the event. Lisk’s Head of Research, Alessadro Ricottone, hosted the Interoperability track for Blockchain in Use. He started the session with short welcome words that had clearly expressed the mood prevailing in the industry today: ‘Interoperability is something we are very much used to — computers and the internet are interoperable. Interoperability, which is in general the capability of different systems to exchange data and information, is very important’.

The introduction was followed by a keynote from Partick Sibetz from Algorand Foundation, and use cases from Sylvain Vittecoq, CEO and Founder of FileChain, and Augusto Elesbao, Lead developer at Philabs.

The conference continued with an engaging panel discussion with Bruce Pon, Founder of Ocean Protocol, Leo Hilse, Founder of STYLE Protocol, and Zoe Meckbach, Council member of Phala network. They dived deeply into the topic of blockchain interoperability as the critical component of networked computerized systems of the future, accompanied by questions from Alessandro. All the panel participants agreed on the crucial role of interoperability and its importance for the further mass adoption of blockchain technology.

CV Summit

Even with the busy week in Berlin, Lisk attended the annual CV Labs conference in Zug. It gave the team the opportunity to strengthen its collaboration with organizers and learn more about institutional investments in the blockchain space.


The CV Summit was not only about education and networking. The Lisk team was fortunate enough to be able to play a key role in the conference its self. Naureen Mustafa, Lisk’s Head of Exchange Development and Manu Nelamane Siddalingegowda, Lisk’s Head of Platform Development, had a chance to appear on the conference stage and share Lisk-related insights.

Naureen spoke about “DeFi potential beyond speculation.” During her keynote speech, she analyzed the main benefits of participating in this extremely promising field. She also explained how it may be used for things other than investment purposes. Finally, she showed how Lisk and blockchain apps built using the Lisk SDK could contribute to the growth of Decentralized Finance.


Manu, on the other hand, focused on tech aspects of Web3, as he participated in the panel discussion concentrated on main ideas around blockchain development. As a person very much involved in building Web3 interoperability, he explained how collaboration between different protocols could enhance not only general usability but also security of blockchain space. As Manu stated:

It’s possible to solve the blockchain trilemma. You should use Interoperability for that. And that’s how it’s done on Lisk.


As you can see, the entire week was a great success with many opportunities for various people to learn more about Lisk and Web3 in general. The Lisk team has high hopes for its involvement again next year.

If you are looking for upcoming events where Lisk will be hosting or attending, please see our official events page for listings.