Lisk Grant Program: Wave 2 – introducing DoEdu and ColectiNFT

At Lisk, we strive to support and incentivize developers and blockchain enthusiasts in building valuable blockchain applications for the Lisk Ecosystem. Our easy and accessible SDK, the HackOnLisk hackathons, as well as the Lisk Grant Program (with 1,200,000 CHF funding in total) – are all intended to bolster and facilitate creativity and entrepreneurship. The end goal is clear – the creation of exciting blockchain solutions that we can all benefit from!

So after the success of the Wave 1 of our Grant Program, we are proud to announce the next startups that will receive our support and funding through set milestones. Let’s take a look at:

  • DoEdu – a blockchain-based educational platform
  • ColectiNFT – an NFT marketplace

All of course powered by Lisk!

By Lisk

30 Nov 2021


DoEdu – an educational platform built with Lisk SDK

Education is one of the most promising fields for blockchain technology application. This industry is expected to grow by 18,1% by the end of 2027, reaching an astonishing USD 285.2 billion in value. Moreover, as we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, intuitive and accessible technology solutions are “more than essential” in the education sector.

DoEdu is one of the startups that can benefit the most from the technological revolution in education. It is a blockchain-based educational platform that provides free tools for creating edu-content, sharing storage space, and additional functionalities such as freemium/premium content. It not only enables learners to gain knowledge in an easy and convenient way but also helps content creators to benefit from their educational work. You can check out more details about DoEdu in the blog post about the project.

Don’t forget to check out DoEdu’s website and Twitter! You can also look at channel #doedu on – our community discord server.

ColectiNFT – a Lisk-based NFT marketplace

A significant spike in NFTs’ popularity established their place in the blockchain world. Therefore, as more and more people want to create their own NFTs and trade them in an easy and accessible way, we need intuitive platforms that’ll enable them to do so. Colecti addresses these issues – it’s a Lisk-based NFT marketplace.

Colecti was created by the Moosty Team from Lisk Center Utrecht. As Raphael, Moosty’s designer states: Colecti combines functions of a basic marketplace – a place where you can buy, sell and create digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens – and additional functionalities such as generating collections of NFTs. Its goal is to become the bridge between all Lisk NFT related blockchain applications.

Check out Colecti’s website and follow them on Twitter and channel #colecti on our There you can also reach out directly to the team.

Next Waves incoming!

Lisk Grant Program doesn’t end after Wave 2. We are just getting started!

Therefore, we encourage you right away to take a look at our program page and think about your own ideas that could be potentially included in Wave 3. We are looking for projects from one of the 8 fields in which blockchain technology has the greatest potential to excel:

  • Stablecoins
  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain bridges
  • Oracles
  • Privacy-preserving Chains
  • Lending
  • DAOs
  • DeFi

Ensure you read all the information and prepared required documentation listed on our website – incomplete applications won’t be considered nor reviewed. After completing this step, go ahead and click the “Apply now” button.

And remember – if your project didn’t make Wave 1 or Wave 2, there is still a possibility to apply for the next waves. Moreover, if you want to get feedback about your idea, we will be happy to help you and provide some useful information.

We are looking forward to including your project in our next blog post!