Source code

This section covers how to update Lisk Core from source code.

  1. To stop the node execute the following command:

pm2 stop lisk
  1. Pull the latest tagged release using Git, and install the node modules by executing the following commands below:

cd lisk (1)
git fetch (2)
git checkout vX.Y.Z -b vX.Y.Z (3)
rm -rf node_modules (4)
npm ci (5)
npm run build (6)
1 Navigate into the root directory of Lisk Core.
2 Fetch the newest releases.
3 Check out latest release tag, see Core releases.
4 Remove the old node modules.
5 Install the node modules.
6 Compile the packages.
  1. Start the node again by executing the following command:

pm2 start lisk
For delegates: It is necessary to enable forging again after upgrading Lisk Core.