The references section is designed to provide the user with a comprehensive description of all the necessary specifications. A brief overview of the applicable references are listed below, in order to assist the user in locating the relevant information required.

Firstly the API specification provides an in-depth definition of the API endpoints, followed by the SDK Configuration reference which contains a detailed example explaining the default values. This is followed by the Developer changelog which encompasses an extensive description of the updated database and API changes that are relevant for developers when updating their application to the latest version of the Lisk SDK.

The Lisk Commander reference section comprises of the setup, installation, and configuration. In addition the following Commands, Core commands, and Sensitive inputs are also covered separately, together with useful examples in order to assist the end-user.

Within the Lisk Elements references the NPM package lists, together with the relevant links and specifications can be found. Furthermore, the following package links listed in the sub-sections below can be accessed, which provides all of the reference material required including the parameters, constants, and a variety of workable examples:

Finally, the Lisk Framework provides the end-user with the architectural overview, including the modules, channels, controller, and components references.

These references have been constructed in a concise and explanatory manner, covering each specific topic to provide the user with the necessary reference information.