Table of Contents

This provides a default set of packages for use by clients of the Lisk network.

The Client package is a collection of the following packages:

Lisk Elements will include numerous different packages in the future which can be plugged in to applications as desired.

For enhanced usability Lisk Elements provides special wrapper packages such as lisk-client, whose group packages are often used in the same context.


To add Lisk client as a dependency of your project execute the following command:

$ npm install @liskhq/lisk-client@3.0.2


To perform an upgrade, execute the following command:

npm update @liskhq/lisk-client


Import using ES6 modules syntax:

import lisk from '@liskhq/lisk-client';

Or using Node.js modules:

const lisk = require('@liskhq/lisk-client');

Or import specific namespaced functionality:

import { APIClient, transactions } from '@liskhq/lisk-client';
// or
const { APIClient, transactions } = require('@liskhq/lisk-client');