To become both familiar and fully conversant with the Lisk SDK, a step-by-step walk through guide is provided that simplifies the process of developing a proof of concept blockchain application.

Name Estimated time required Complexity Content

Hello World

~1 h


Learn how to:

  • …​setup a simple blockchain application.

  • …​install the lisk-sdk and the SDK preinstall preparation.

  • …​create a custom transaction.

  • …​register a new transaction type.

  • …​interact with the network from the client-side.

  • …​override specific config values.

Supply Chain

~3 h


Learn how to:

  • …​connect an IoT device with the network.

  • …​implement a simple trust system.

  • …​cache multiple accounts in prepare().

  • …​lock and unlock funds in an account.

  • …​connect more nodes to the network.

  • …​replace the genesis delegates with real delegates.

  • …​publish the application.

  • …​test the undoAsset() function of a custom transaction.