Name Lisk
Ticker LSK
Founded January 2016
Funding Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Entity Foundation, non-profit
Based in Zug, Switzerland


Development contractor Lightcurve GmbH
Team size ~50
Main products Core, SDK, Desktop, Mobile
Development language JavaScript, TypeScript
Network launch 24th May 2016
Consensus algorithm Delegated Proof of Stake


Apps Built on Lisk

The Lisk community is working on multiple blockchain applications developed with the Lisk SDK.



An identity and public key infrastructure

Topas City

Topas City

An immersive VR world Powered by Lisk.



Community-driven NFT creation platform.


Metaverse Engine used to create, secure, and access the Faet Metaverse.

Desktop and Mobile

Official Lisk Wallets

Before blockchain can achieve its full potential, it needs to gain mass adoption. Lisk is determined to solve this problem by becoming an easy and secure gateway to this technology by offering cryptocurrency wallets for desktop and mobile.

The LSK Token

The name of the token fueling the Lisk blockchain application platform is LSK. It's a utility token used to pay for transaction fees on the Lisk blockchain.

Lisk Token

Developer Tools

Build a blockchain application in one day with the Lisk SDK, written entirely in JavaScript and TypeScript.

Research Focused

The Lisk blockchain application platform and its underlying protocols were heavily researched by cryptography, game theory and decentralized technology experts. Research always comes first, before any development happens.

Vibrant Community

Join Our Community

Lisk is driven by a passionate community of blockchain enthusiasts and developers who continue to support the project towards its ultimate goal - making blockchain technology accessible to everyone.